Worldreader Program at Helga, Kajiado Childcare Centre and Ruben Centre



Literacy is transformative: The ability to read provides many benefits including; the increase in earning potential, better communication, decreases in decreases inequality, improves health outcomes, and breaks cycles of poverty.

Worldreader, Brighton Jones and Lift Up Africa have teamed together to bring e-readers and digital books to the students and teachers at three inspiring LUA projects in Kenya, which include; Helga, Kajiado Childcare Centre and the Ruben Centre. Worldreader BLUE Boxes (Building Literacy Using E-Books) is an all-in-one e-reading solution that contains everything needed to launch and sustain an e-reading program: e-readers, program support services, and importantly, books. Worldreader provides culturally and locally relevant books to readers, which come from a growing library of over 40,000 titles in 43 different languages.

A BLUE Box contains 50 e-readers with 100 books per device, and access to over 5,000 books.

About Worldreader

Worldreader is an international non-profit that uses inexpensive technology and locally relevant books to help everyone become a reader. In seven years, Worldreader has helped over 5 million people read on Kindles and cell phones from a collection of over 40,000 digital books across Africa and India. This growth is accelerating: each month Worldreader adds over 500,000 readers in schools, libraries, and homes. The ultimate goal of Worldreader is to help over one billion people become readers to improve their lives. We’re on a mission to create a world where everyone can be a reader.

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