Health Education Africa Resource Team (HEART) Greenhouse Project

Western Kenya

HEART GreenhouseLift Up Africa (LUA) and Africa HEART (HEART) have collaborated on the construction of 12 greenhouses in 3 districts of Western Kenya. These greenhouses provide farmers with produce to sell at local markets, making them more self-sufficient.

In addition, we would like to thank the Segal Foundation for their support in developing a further four Greenhouses.

HEART Greenhouse ProjectThe advantages of the greenhouses go beyond normal seasonal crop production as these allow local farmers to grow and sell vegetables all year round. Kids for School (KFS), a grassroots organization in the Gucha district, partnered with LUA and HEART to provide land, materials, technical oversight and on-the-ground labor for these greenhouses. Furthermore, in order to meet LUA and HEART’s sustainability requirements, KFS has also dug a well at the project site, creating a reliable source of water and providing long-term benefits to the community.

Just as importantly with the requisite technical training provided by the greenhouse manufacturer,”Amiran”, community members are fully capable of maintaining their greenhouses.

This is an example of a truly collaborative project that could not have been undertaken without the commitment and enthusiasm of the local community, the various charities and manufacturer.

Project Documentation

Monthly Story, January 2011: Triumphs and Challenges of Greenhouse Project

Full Report on Greenhouse Project

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